Wondering if beggars can be bankrupt!?

15 Jul

In the picture (left), After a conference, lobby or aid concert, EU food aid comes ready-made and branded. when it’s finished, the enterprising Africans transform the aid parcel into a badly needed pot to cook their alternative sources food.
In the picture (right), Chinese agriculturalists actually come to Africa despite the media buzz about war and diseases in Africa to transfer their knowledge to African farmers as the best way of fighting famine, creating food self-sufficiency and establishing donor and receptor relations.

In its 500+ years history of interaction with Africa, the Western world’s agenda for Africa in summary reads as follows:
– Exporting Good governance, capacity building and combating corruption
– Deculturalization through language, eugenics and paternalism.
– Promoting Gender, Gay and Human rights.
– Talk more but do nothing conferences on Environment, migration, Security and Democratization.
-Monopolize defense, Oil and agricultural resource extraction and marketing to multinational corporations.
-Provide AID only for food and treatment of diseases.
-No to investments in technology transfer for industrial, transport and communication infrastructure that can create wealth and development opportunities that break its hegemony.
– Create and sustain through propaganda in their media an African image of misery, poverty and normalized death for the purpose of making non-African AID organisations, NGOs and Researchers perceive them self as humanitarians and saviors.
-etc. etc

– For now You have what I need most (UN votes, natural resources and markets) and I have what you need most as well (UN veto, technology and no conditions-attached money for whatever you want to spend on). let’s keep our relationship strictly as business, we’ll deal with sharing values and norms at our leisure…always remind me that Taiwan is part of China. Deal or no deal?
In summary, it’s the direct opposite of the Western model.

Affaire à suivre…

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