I am Cameroon. Rebuild Me!

6 Dec
cmchildrenI drive the latest cars in the world but have no roads, neither can I boast of manufacturing a bicycle tyre. I lose family and friends everyday on my roads for which funds have been allocated to build and rehabilitate but have been looted. I lose my young, my old, and my most brainy, productive people to the potholes, craters, and crevasses everyday. I am in permanent mourning.
My schools have no teachers and my classrooms have no roofs. I take lecture notes through the window. All my professors have gone abroad; some of the rest are awaiting visas. Those that remain, depend on money raked from the sales of handouts to students. I want a future.
Malaria, typhoid and many other preventable diseases send me to hospitals that have no doctors, no medicines and no electric power. Therefore, my wife gives birth by candle light and surgery is performed by quacks. All the nurses have gone abroad and the rest are waiting to go. I have the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world and future generations are dying before me. I am hopeless, hapless and helpless.
I wanted change so I stood all day long to cast my vote. Nevertheless, even before I could vote, the results had been announced. When I dared to speak out, bullets enthroned silence. My rulers are my oppressors, my police officers are my terrors. Workers of the electoral board are drawn from the wining party. I have no verve, no vote and no voice.
I have over 5 million youths with no jobs, no present and no future. My daughters walk the streets of Douala, Yaounde and Bamenda, while their sisters parade the streets of Rome and Amsterdam. They have stolen the future of generations yet unborn and have money they cannot spend in several lifetimes, but their brothers die of hunger. I am inconsolable. I want justice. Please re-build me.
I can produce anything, but import everything. So my toothpick is made in China; my toothpaste is made in South Africa; my salt is made in Ghana; my butter is made in Ireland; my milk is made in Holland; my shoe is made in Italy; my vegetable oil is made in Malaysia; my biscuit is made in Indonesia; my chocolate is made in Turkey and my envelope is made in France. My taste is far-flung and foreign. Items made in my land but specifically sent abroad with made-in-France labels are brought back at 4 times the original price. Please re-brand me.
My honourable pensioners are made to queue and wait for hours month after month trying to get pension payments that may never materialise. The rulers of my people have lost all sense of decency, duty and compassion. My condition is unbearable. Please rebuild be.
I have one of the most fraudulent countries in Africa and one of the worst countries in the world to be born in 2013. Before this president took over from the other decades ago, the growth rate was 13%. Last year it stood at 3%. What does my future hold for me? Am I destined to continue being increasingly more impoverished than my parent’s generation? I am so broken that many of my citizens cannot bear to face these facts but choose instead to attempt to defend my overwhelming failure. Some just cannot summon the courage to take a realistic look at my near hopeless situation and find me a way out. They continue to live in denial of the stark obvious truths of my ruin.
My people pray to God every morning and every night, but commit every crime known to man because re-branded identities will never alter the tunes of inbred rhythms. Just as the drums of heritage heralds the frenzied jingles, remember – the Cameroonian soul can only be Cameroonian – fighting free from the cold embrace of a government that has no spring, no sense, and no shame. Therefore, we watch the possessed, frenzied dance, drenched in silent tears as freedom is locked up in democracy’s empty cellars. I am Cameroon and I am broken, please help me after these 30 wasted years.
Originally posted via group mail
From: ELVIS <mbapelvis@yahoo.com>
Subject: [99net] I am Cameroon. Rebuild Me!
To: “LECA NET” <lecda-usa@yahoogroups.com>
Date: Monday, December 3, 2012, 3:19 PM

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