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The Republic of Graduate Commercial Motor-Cyclists

22 Feb


By Nwanatifu Nwaco

Before I was born he was in power already. He said that we the youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow. it’s 31 years now and he’s still in power telling those born today what he told us that they are the leaders of tomorrow. My question is when is our generation going to get its turn to lead before those born today?? 
Moreover we’re 4 years away from the the 18 to 35 years recruitment or employment age limit, with little or no career experience to our credit despite the grandiose academic portfolios. We have tried the ballot box without success, We went on strikes and even matched in a naive pro-Biya movement to demand for our chance to lead our nation and destiny and he responded with water canons and a “Vision 2035” time change frame for the country’s economic emergence.  It’s either,  this generation and the one preceding it have been regime accomplices or have been cornered into the option of political apathy and self exile.
I love and want to serve this country, So I ask again if I can still be called a youth at 50 years?


H.E PRC PAUL BIYA, delivered his annual message to Cameroonian youths this 10th of February 2013. There are some points in his speech that i’ll like to highlight with my fellow “young compatriots”:

 – The theme chosen for this year’s celebration: “Youth: Civic Responsibility and Participation in the Development Process.” 

 – “…Of course, obtaining a certificate is not always a guarantee of access to a job. In this regard however, the State is doing everything possible by absorbing many young graduates into the public service and the security services.

– “Others are not so lucky and wallow in idleness or vagrancy, and sometimes drift into delinquency. Those who have a job, be they handcart pushers, loaders, jobbers, motorcycle taxi riders, etc., may bear a grudge against society. I can also understand if they are tempted to be rebellious. But that would not be the right course to follow, for experience shows that this worsens problems without providing any solution.”

– “…For instance, 200,000 formal sector jobs will be created in the year 2013.

– “Concerning those in the second group who, due to circumstances, are marginalized, I want them to know that I appreciate their courage in accepting the often difficult tasks to support their families. Rather than looking down on them, we should acknowledge their unquestionably useful social role. Take, for instance, the case of motorcycle taxi riders. …. However, most of the youths involved are simply looking for a means of livelihood. Are we not happy that we can reach difficult locations quickly and cheaply? there is clearly a need to organize the profession and consider providing training courses covering both the Highway Code, especially the wearing of helmets, and two-wheeler riding techniques.”

” Dear young compatriots,

You are the future of our Nation. All our hopes are pinned on you. Be worthy of the ambitions we place in you.

Happy Youth Day to you all!

Long Live the Cameroonian youth!

Long Live Cameroon!”



My Opinion:

Okay my dear Cameroonians, even as we all go out today February 11 to celebrate our ‘National Youth Day’, which in it self is an event concieved to distort and erase the founding history of our beloved country, it has just downed on our ‘presi’ finally that graduates and school drop-outs alike have rescinded hope for skilled jobs in favour of the ‘informal’ sector. With everything in the ‘cradle of our forefathers’ going from worse to horrific, ‘land of promise’ is steadily and smoothly going down the drain of progress.

Now while our national universities are currently on strike demanding for reforms, it’s rather “Truck-pushers, bayam-sellams, njakri park pipo, sauveteurs and bend-skinneurs” who have caught the sovereign’s attention and will be trained so as to ‘professionalize’  their job sector, for jobs which they’re already doing by instincts. Wow! this are the job creation and greater achievements/ realisations of the much heralded ‘New Deal’ in action! 

I’m confident once they’ve been institutionalized, bribery and corruption will invade these sectors too and make access to the institutions and techniques to better these sectors the characteristic nightmare that seems to eternally reign in the ‘formal ‘ sector. No wonder, self-exile has been the prefered solution of Cameroonians born after 1982.

Any protest will be dealt with in the usual way, so be worthy of the ambitions placed on you to earn degrees just to become ‘phone booth’ and motor-bike riders! Worse still join the ranks of the same security forces who have never hesitated to repress you when you’ve dared to express your grievances. 

Sorry Mr.Presi! we don’t only want to reach our destinations quickly and cheaply, we want to reach them safely and comfortably, We like cars and need roads too!!  To you my fellow country folks, we’re in for tougher times! I wonder why ‘Popol’ didn’t tell us about the progress with his ‘huge construction projects’ that are set to make Cameroon an ’emerging economy by 2035!! While we hope in hopeless despair for 2035, let the ‘godfathered’ few start roaming the corridors of power in Yaounde to get their names parboiled to consume the 200,000 ‘to-be-created’ formal jobs, while we others cash in on our last resources to strengthen China’s auto industry by buying their motor-bikes. In case you missed the point in his address, it turns out we’re on our own!! 

Hhhmm this country is diving for the rocks!! And as usual , sycophantic lackeys and shenanigans would find nothing heinious in this speech. This comes to confirm that even though ‘Presi’ spends a chunk of his mandate time abroad in 5 star hotels, he is aware  of the realities Cameroonians go through everyday. The question is why did it take him 31 years to recognize this? Or is his repertoire of rhetorics exhausted?


“Un seul mot – continuer!”Affaire a suivre, Man no run…

Right:’Njakri boys’ at a motor park. Left: ‘Bend-Skin’ or motor-bike taxi riders with their mounted clients.