Is Cameroon a Country in the WEST or the CENTRAL African Region?

7 Aug

Using geographical, political, economic and social reasons tell us if Cameroon is a country in the WEST or the CENTRAL African region?

1- Cameroon can be compared to Russia, which is in Europe and Asia.Or as Turkey in Europe and Asia.
2- We were taught in school that Mount Cameroon(Mount Fako or Chariot of the Gods) is the highest peak in West Africa! Not Central but West.

3- During slavery, the Scramble for and partition of Africa era, the Portuguese, Germans, French, Spanish and British defined Cameroon as being in West Africa. Germany convened the Berlin Conference in 1884-5 shortly after it had outmaneuvered British and French annexationists in declaring a proctectorate over “Kamerun” to confirm this with other imperialist powers. Prior to German annexation, the kings of the Cameroon coast had written letters to the British foreign office “asking” to be colonised but the prime minister at the time William Gladstone responded that the British were not interested in acquiring more colonies on the ‘West African coast’. This was at the same period the British annexed their Oil Rivers Protectorate now Southern Nigeria.
4- It had contemplated membership for the West African ECOWAS before going over to lead in the founding of UDEAC in Central Africa which was later transformed into the Central African Economic and Monetary Community known by its French acronym “CEMAC”. The country is also a member of the larger African Union regional bloc called the Economic Community of Central African States “ECCAS”.It uses the Central African Franc as currency not the West African Franc.
3- For most English speakers or Anglophone and Commonwealth countries it is a country in West Africa, but to French speakers and Francophone, it is in Central Africa. This is because parts of the territory were administered separately in west and central Africa along with British and French colonies. The League of Nations and later the United Nations considered the country from the 1920’s until the 1970’s as in West Africa.This confusion today still seen on mails to and from the country, NGO references and main stream media and news publications.
4- Cameroonian beauty pageants are eligible to and have contested for certain editions of Miss West Africa.
5- Wikipedia describes Cameroon as a country in West-Central Africa. The easternmost country in West Africa and the Westernmost in Central Africa. And in other international organisations it has been merged into what is now known as “Middle Africa”, since ‘Central Africa’ is the name of a country too.

7- In primary school Geography lessons, it was taught that Menchum Falls in North West region Cameroon had enough capacity to generate electricity in the whole of West Africa.

8- Cameroon is geographically in West Africa, but politically and economically integrated in Central(Middle) Africa. Hence it prides itself as “Africa in Miniature”.

(My conclusion)

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