Thought’s about Zimbabwe’s 2013 Election

7 Aug

Agreed, there are basic tenets of democracy that have universality in appeal and function. But now it seems to have become a de jure rule by the Western world led interpretation of what and how democracy is and works for other nations with a completely different cultural reality from them. What makes you think that what is good for the Dog is good for the Wolf?
In Zimbabwe for more than ten years now the western powers have bullied the die-hard Mugabe regime over it’s land redistribution scheme have held economic justice hostage to democratic values. In 2001 the US and the EU literally locked down access to the international monetary and economic system from Zimbabwe and twelve years down the line, the country has been through the thick and thin of human, political and economic crises. So I ask my self, how human are these humanitarians when they watch a buoyant stable economy slip into ruins?Zimbabwe is living in splendid isolation and not even the African Union peer club of gerontocrats has been able to flex a rescue muscle.
Does the western lobby really think Zimbabweans are stupid enough not to read the inscription on the forehead of their puppet in the house called Tsvangirai? Can deliver, Mugabe may be very old for active leadership, but we got to give him some vanilla ice cream for standing up this long. Most African presidents will charter the next jet plane to go beg the ‘masters’ for aid. For the West, Mugabe’s land reform is a pure violation of private property rights and ownership. But they deliberately ignore the facts around the legitimacy of the acquisition of these properties. 


 So because things didn’t work out well for a few European expatriates, millions of Zimbabweans have to pay the price? I don’t get the point with these embargoes and sanctions anymore! How does one ask a hungry and sick person to be democratic as a prerequisite to have food? Food might be a non-issue in the west as evidenced by the lakes and mountains disposed as garbage from homes, shops, restaurants and supermarkets but down there they don’t throw nothing edible. When strife affected Zimbabweans it was no news but when the going got tough and rough for European post-colonialists we saw the demonization of a nation.

I quote my doctoral friend:

“many Zimbabweans might be suffering unjustly. But that’s exactly what happens when economic sanctions are used as tools for extracting political concessions. In a realist international system where might makes right, where states are more egoistic and less altruistic, where states decide their trade, aid and investment partners, and where nonpolitically-motivated humanitarianism is unusual, expect international relations to remain predominantly amoral, and even vengeful – as is the case between the West and Mugabe. In the normative world, Zimbabweans shouldn’t have to pay for the pains of ‘a few European expatriates’. Disappointingly, the realist realm is anything but veritably just.”  C.A.M, London

Dear ‘international Community’ of the veto powers.Forget about Mugabe and give Zimbabweans a chance to conceive, shape and decide their own democracy.

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