There is No Honour or Nobility in War!!

7 Sep

War in this era knows nothing about distance or natural barriers! Countries have acquired the technological capacity to couple long and short range missile warheads in their kitchens and garages. Add to this the unending increase in ideological antagonisms which feed hate and blood lust or the interests of multinational corporations and stock markets? War is a legitimized genocide, a very irrational act and whoever lets them self to be swayed by the emotionless eloquence of politicians is as good as the charred remains of combatants. War is the folly of rich and powerful for which the poor always pay the ultimate price for vaguery such as valor, honour, patriotism, humanitarian… In this case, there is no need to sing  “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.”

Is there such thing as a neutral country in this current world order? Concerning the Syrian Chemical Weapons Question on whether or not to carry out a Libya 2011 style rhetorical military invasion, the ongoing tug of words between the US and its allies or its minion on the ground Israel versus the uneasy alliance of Russia, China and Iran invokes to mind some Cold War memories of the world tethering on the edge of peace and eventually tipping off the balance of power relations between these camps who surpass each other only by way of propaganda and the institutions that sponsor the legitimization of violence.

The first and second world wars came about as a result of the ‘All for one and one for all’ system alliances. If the US and it’s NATO allies decide to hit Syria with bombs, what stops Iran from aiming at Israel? And if Russia and China honour their vows to come to the aid of the battered Syrian regime, then it becomes a proxy war that will eventually suck in regional states. With bombs and gunfire sparking in that neighbourhood, imagine that a trigger happy fellow pulls a shot in Kashmir or at the Korean 38 parallel? Previous wars in this era have shown that there is no such thing as brief war or a non-resort to insurgency by the vanquished in a conflict. Increased global interdependence means a shot fired in Yemen can have ripple effects as far and near as in Mali or a suburban American community. It takes political will and diplomatic options to win over an ideology which is politicized in the logic that force is the only ultimate argument left for it to express and survive.

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