5 Nov

By Nwanatifu Nwaco

If you folks follow my bashing against the lack of political dynamism and a celebration of apathy to change by Cameroonians, then you will understand why I am so green tempered this day. I am asking every Cameroonian of voting age why do they blame that bastion of bureaucratic time-wasting corrupt and self-seeking political amateurs and panel beaters of the regime in Yaounde, who roam the corridors of power and hold hostage the democratization process in Cameroon for no ransom if it was really worth it for them to sell their vote for a cube of soap, 65 CL of beer, 1L of vegetable oil, 1.5 M of party uniform textile and a plethora of archaic overused campaign lies!! This time around, elections were organised and run in a free and fair way by the electoral but the rigging and vote selling is done by the very citizens of Cameroon. Despite the increases in political communication and participation, Cameroonians have interpreted politics through a narrative of hopelessness.
Yesterday November 4th 2013, while I was still pondering over the unconstitutional nature in which that congregation kleptocratic gerontocrats calling themselves senators were elected and appointed, only to learn it over that sycophantic tax consuming loud sounding nothing called the national radio and television that Cavaye Yeguie Djibril has been re-elected not just as a parliamentarian, but as the president/speaker of the lower chamber of the national legislature. He has been a parliamentarian for 43 years and House Speaker for 21 years. Cavaye who is going in for his 9th mandate since 1970 as a legislator will still be serving as House Speaker for a 22nd consecutive time. This preference of voting leaders who are on their dying beds from age replicates itself all over our public service too. When are the youths of today going to get the chance to be the leaders of tomorrow. The electorate has not given a chance to try-out to the few youths who have ventured into politics or dared to.
Now who voted those nincompoop who voted him? Cameroonians of course! Doesn’t this very fact speak for it self the kind of people we prefer as leaders, only to turn around and say “this country is spoiled”, life is this or that. It’s time we shut up and eat the cake we bake. During his tenure of this 3rd in line to constitutionally succeed the executive office we have seen the most unpatriotic bills voted into law, it’s that same parliament which modified the constitution to grant the incumbent president a life time eligibility for election and judicial immunity, this same parliament that has never found any treaty, decree or administrative act and order as being unconstitutional, this same parliament which has altered the republican nature of the country through the practice of the politics of patronage and clientalism, cross-carpeting and motions of support for no work done. Truly, drawing from our political culture, I can confirm this popular hypothesis that people always get the kind of leader they deserve, the rotten qualities we find in our country’s leadership is a mirror reflection of the society we are.
In Cameroon we venerate white-collar thieves and with high vigor and enthusiasm, we swiftly carry out mob justice and lynchings on petty thieves driven by hunger and poverty.

Yes I said so and that includes me…it’s the only way this artificially founded beautiful homeland yet a living hell hole of a country could be politically, socially and economically awoken and changed for good. Cameroon needs to be saved from Cameroonians!!


  1. Numfor Erasmus November 5, 2013 at 20:47 #

    Mr Nwaco, I get your satire. However, it is disheartening that people actually sell their votes and yet expect change. Though illegal, the regime knows about it and turns a blind eye because the voter black market works in their favor. I do think that it is the lack of strong social institutions that is allowing the regime do as they wish. I believe I am fairly politically informed but I have never heard of anything called indirect suffrage except for the case of Camer. The world is changing, China producing cheap cell phones and youths are beginning to have a conversation.

    • nwaco November 5, 2013 at 21:40 #

      Thanks Mr. Numfor, Cameroonians have a penchant for political apathy. We actually think ‘God’ is going to help us out with changing our country without us seeking Him out to aid us in our efforts to change it. The problem in Cameroon is Cameroonians interpretation of what political activism means, we somehow think the regime is going to auto-democratize itself, but that’s so far not been true. We need to stand up to price to be paid before the next generation reaches voting age.

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