Questions on Boko Haram in North Cameroon

14 Sep

By Nwanatifu Nwaco

News headlines in Cameroon today read that the Cameroon army had over the weekend killed over 100 Boko Haram militants as the group recoiled to to the Nigerian side of the border following an earlier assault on Cameroonian border communities. While this is hard to verify, it sure makes one have deeper respect for the Cameroon army and the response of the political elite of the country when one compares both to the Nigerian army and leadership’s handling of the insurgency.
The Islamisation of North Cameroon in the 19th Century was a feat achieved by Modibo Adama, a devout disciple of the Muslim Jihadist leader Usman Dan Fodio, whom acting on the blessings of the latter received flags to subdue the area then known as Foumbina stretching from the shores of Lake Chad as far down as the present sultanate of Foumban. This new Islamic emirate came to be known as Adamawa, so named after its founder spanning north east Nigeria and north Cameroon was and is still in some hierarchical order part of the antique Sokoto Caliphate.
Somehow the fear of being labelled anti-Muslim/Islamophobic is cowing many from labeling this group and its radical false ideology what it truly is; An Islamic Jihadist group seeking to found a caliphate like their comrades in arms and mentality are doing in Somalia, Iraq and Syria. Political correctness at its finest is preventing the liberal-secular mindset from being ruthless.
So my question is: Why are none of the so called “peaceful” Muslim states – Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Egypt, the Gulf States, Pakistan, etc. sending troops to fight this Boko Haram in Nigeria or the blood thirsty ISIS in ‘Mesopotamia’, but they and their people certainly send funds and their young men support them in setting up Koranic schools to spread Wahabbi and Salafist brotherhoods which promise heavenly death to these narrow minded and impoverished fellows. Also notice the total silence from the American ranters in the likes Louis Farrakhan and his Black Muslim hand clappers of the Nation of Islam.
Cameroons human and territorial security is hanging on a very delicate life support, it’s yet to deal with the threat of two Ebola strands closing in from Nigeria in the west and another heading on through the south from DR Congo nor the the confessional mayhem infiltrating from Anti-Balaka and Seleka ragtags from Central Africa in the east and now this cowards of Boko Haram from the north. While Cameroonians are yet to reach hysteria point, lets pray to whatever animist or gods of other creeds that no bomb detonates in Yaounde, because that’s when all Cameroonians sociopolitical divisions and leanings either merge or disintegrate. No need to panic yet, the Cameroonians I met yesterday and today are still drinking beer and dancing Makossa.
Surely nothing puts me on guard and in fighting mode against anyone or group approaching me while reciting the following verses:

” Surah 8: I will throw fear into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Then smite the necks and smite of them each finger.”
” Qur’an 9:5: Kill the nonbelievers wherever you find them.”

One Response to “Questions on Boko Haram in North Cameroon”

  1. Debo Ayangbile October 7, 2016 at 16:05 #

    Again, reading your write-ups, you never fail with the jibes towards Nigeria, and of course never fail to adulate Cameroonian military forces. I get it, gendarmes are the best thing since slice bread and dodo, and they can defeat Satan himself. Your gendarmes have also experienced defeats, just take the Cameroun blinkers off. This same country has since Buhari gotten into office, achieved reclaiming of local government areas that were seized by Boko Haram, pushing them further into Sambisa, reclaiming large swathes of Sambisa and even rescuing some of the girls abducted. Nigerian leadership under Jonathan deliberately weakened the Army. It simply couldn’t be compared to what obtained even under Abacha. Before you can go on a nut-riding campaign, simply get knowledgeable about the Nigerian Army, past and present before mouthing off.

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