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The Returnee

21 Nov

In the infinity of life where I am a mere fleeting instant, patience is a luxury that evades me momentarily, given the intentions of time and opportunity bearing upon me.

Perfection is not a virtue, it’s a delusion! Obedience without questioning is a vice, it is in disobedience of social constructs and cultural approval that an individual is framed as a free agent capable of posing its will in society. Don’t just dare to be, just be audacious ab finitum.

Emigrant re-adaptation crises got me surfing the edges of a psychotic break. Societal expectations wrapped in naive assumptions are not a virtue at all, just as monoculturalism is no excuse for timidity or adamance to change. There is a very complacent perception of life here. The status quo is celebrated in such a way that all innovation seems like a threat to their fraud. I need more time soak up all the filth.

Some people are so hopelessly dependent and without agency such that no matter how faithful leadership is mentored to them they remain vain and excusing!

May God save Cameroon from Cameroonians!

Phase two, exit complacency enter competition.