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The Unity of Opposites

5 Dec

Yesterday evening I had an awesome discussion with a young couple, the glow of their companionship got me to quiz them for their secret of harmony and here’s what they told me:

“When you’ve reached that point in life when commitment is what defines how you want to relate, make sure whomever you’re binding yourself to has not just an emotional but also a physical space to occupy in your life and the home you’ll both found. You got to be ready to accept each other for the angel and demon they can be, communicate your wants and aspirations such that whatever and wherever the other finds them self, let what they say be the same thing you’re saying else! That’s how you two face the outside world-as one! Understand that you can’t always be right keeps your pride in check and makes it capable for you to admit your errors and apologize. Take time off your individual pursuits in life to know and do the things that make your individual fun time such as cooking dinner, watching a movie and knowing the others friends and family cultivates trust and loyalty. No matter the grudge never withhold affection shown through a simple thing as a hug or a gift that reminds the other of you in your absence, because the lack of affection can put out the blue between you. Most importantly, you have to find an ethical or religious foundation on which you agree and resolve your good and bad moral believes around.”

I gaped by the time they finished their briefing, realizing my own shortcomings and the task deserving my efforts in this regard. I chewed on my last slice of stake and gulped down my ale with an affirmative resolution to attain these when it’s my turn on the life queue.

If you spend all your time judging a prospect based on their past, finding fault and complain in their every moral shortcoming, you run a very serious risk of missing out the better person they had become or you lose the prestige of becoming an agency that motivates the good in them. Feign, vain and cynical in the pursuit of the union of opposites is where you’ll settle in perception.