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The Sorry Human Condition and Fantasy World of Cartoons

14 Jan

The inequality theme is what feeds and animates all our childhood and adult intended cartoons. It shapes our thinking on who the good and bad guys are supposed to be once we come into the age of reason. What was very entertaining becomes a childish and unrealistic fantasy. If you have ever spent time in a house infested with mice and some eat your documents, you will definitely have second thought or feel pity for your kids when they watch Tom and Jerry with ecstatic laughs, wishing that the cat never catches the mouse. Wait a minute, you just bought a cat not as a pet but rather as a balance within your home’s ecosystem to check on the ever increasing number of rodents!

I wonder if you’re feeling same way now. When I was a boy watching cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Road Runner Show, Bugs Bunny Show and Loony Toons; I erupted with joy as the Jerry Mouse, Tweety bird, Road Runner, Bugs bunny always eluded the catch of Tom Cat, Putty Tat, Coyote and the hunter. When I grew up some how I switched sides and began to wish that the “good guys” finally get to catch those elusive fellows. I began to feel annoyed with the injustice done to the chasers by the producers of these entertaining fantasy shows, I just wish to watch an episode where the bad guy wins!

Yeah, when one watches these shows around a kid its like in a football match where you’re backing opposite teams without you being unable to ever cheer your team.
I just feel annoyed at the unfairness of how the traps and efforts of the antagonists always fail or turn against them and despite laughing at their misery one silently wishes to see them succeed for once.

You getting annoyed is just what the directors of these comic shows want you to feel and keep viewing. Myself personally would push my dad back in the days to get the most recent tapes to see if any of the perpetrators would be apprehended, the case of Lucky Luke with the Dalton brothers always breaking out of jail. But later I realized the directors needed these shows to continue, thereby making the genius chasers to have a major weakness in all their attempts.😀. For those who have watched transformers, megatron is another elusive fellow