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Photoshop Scandal at The Presidency Of Cameroon

10 Mar

This has got to be the worst public relations stunt pulled by the sycophants of the Yaounde regime since the “l’homme Lion” campaign billboard of 1992 and the union of diversity “Le Choix du Peuple” billboard of the 2004 presidential campaign.
Early this month the president and his family left for one of their routine “short private visit to Europe” as was sung on national Tv and radio. Following the brutal deaths of 37 Cameroonian soldiers at the hands of the blood thirsty Boko Haram militants from Nigeria, funerals were held last weekend in their honour.

The president was represented by the minister of defense as shown on Tv but some shameless spineless sod has chosen to devalue their acts of valor by posting a very poor photoshopped image on the official website of the presidency portraying the president bowing in honour to the fallen. They’ll just turn around and blame it on some over ambitious junior staff as I guessed earlier but I was wrong. The Minister of Communication announced during a press conference that the website had been hacked and the doctored image was the work of a hacker. A click through the photo gallery of the site revealed many instances of photo-shopped photos which have since then been systematically reviewed and removed. 
While Nigerias Goodluck Jonathan had late last month dressed in military gear paid a visit to boost the morale of his troops in a town freshly won over from the militants, our president, commander in chief of the arm forces of Cameroon is yet to risk his hide in a similar move. After all Jonathan has an upcoming election bid in two weeks while ours is in 2018. 
The nation is watching and knowing your phobia. With the on going patriotic demonstrations by citizens to show solidarity and support for the people in this conflicts hot spots and the defense forces, the presidency has to move away from its previous posture of over securing the PRC to the citizens. The PRC isn’t expected to return from his ”short-visit” any time soon. Previous visits duration lead one to predict that he’ll only return probably at month end.

I wonder if Our PRC who in peace time visits the people under very tight security personnel deployment can dare to go to this region with clear and imminent danger like his counterpart Idris Deby the Chadian Lord of Desert warfare visited his wounded troops in hospitals? Could he make surprise visits to the zone as US and British leaders do in Iraq and Afghanistan?
The presidency has since taken down the said photo and replaced it with the original photo of the coffins of the soldiers.…/1198-le-chef-de-l-etat-rend-hommage-au…


boko Isn’t Halal, boko is Haram!

10 Mar

This isn’t Islam! This is probably the worst act of external aggression perpetrated against Cameroon. If one were to make a tally, it will be over a hundred Cameroonian civilians and soldiers reported dead after a savage attacks. Shame on you Boko Haram spineless scumbags who kill in the name of God. If your God was alive and strong, he will fight for himself.
I stand in support of the valiant armed forces of Cameroon and the communities affected by the spill-over violence from Nigeria. Even the gallant marksmen from Chad who are helping the regional front have suffered losses. Nigeria has been passive so far, preferring electoral victories over human and territorial security. We’re officially at war!

Nigeria seriously needs to get its act straight. If Goodluck loves Nigeria and Africans let him pull out of the elections. Its now evident that he cannot deliver the kind of leadership needed at this time. Regime security over the lives lost to this terror group and post election violence discredits him. What does he want to prove in the next mandate that he couldn’t since he succeeded Yar’Adua?

Oh Nigeria grow up! The spokesman for the Nigerian army must either be a pathetic liar or Nigerians are too proud to acknowledge the failures of their dysfunctional military strategy against Boko Haram. The Nigerian army chief is always quick to deny or to claim victories made by Chadian,Cameroonian and Nigerien forces in border localities and Nigerian towns as being acts of valor done by his forces, going shamelessly as far as denying the presence of these foreign liberation troops. If Nigeria continues to maintain its high horse posture towards its neighbours in their bid to aid her clean the shit she has spilled all over the floor, they might as well limit their intervention to containment than incursions.
Paul Biya and Idris Deby probably irritated by Goodluck Jonathan’s inertia, called a security summit of ECCAS-COPAX leaders in the Cameroons capital. Obiang Nguema and Sassou Nguesso as mediators have been assigned the task to open up security cooperation talks with the Abuja regime.
In an interesting development about Cameroon deploying drone technology, the French legion based at Fort Lamy in Chad has been carrying out reconnaissance missions in north east Nigeria feeding Cameroon and Chadian strike teams with vital intelligence on militant movements.
Nigeria needs to save face and cooperate now with the coalition or become a loud sounding nothing African military power if its so called inferior neighbours clean up its biggest existential threat for it. I will bet that even the hiring of South African mercenaries and their battle field gains wouldn’t assure a win for Mr.Goodluck come March 28 elections. The world needs to stand with the people Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria now before this cancerous sect, its affiliates and its false ideology spread like the Ebola virus.

Je ne suis pas Charlie, Je suis l’armées Camerounaise