1 Apr

By Nwanatifu Nwaco

I want to congratulate incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria for his display of political maturity by accepting the results of the March 28 presidential election.He has conceded defeat even before the official announcement of results. I also want to call on those unhappy with his electoral defeat to demonstrate hope in Nigeria’s advancing democracy by exercising self restrain, despite the calls of some haters of peace and human life w for post-electoral violence.
To the president to become, Ret.General Mohammed Buhari I say congratulations for this second opportunity Nigeria has given you. May you realize and attain in this second mandate as a civilian, what you failed to do during your term as a military ruler in 1983-85.
Africa and the world are watching and waiting on you to deliver your campaign promises. Among other things a stronger Naira currency, energy supply, diversification of the economy, employment and most importantly human security for all within and near Nigeria suffering from militant attacks in the Lake Chad region and the Gulf of Guinea.

In as much as I hate his inertia on security issues and over tolerance/concessions for corrupt political elites, if GEJ wanted to destabilise Nigeria, all needed to do was contest the prelimanry results of the electoral commission and not less than 100 Nigerians would be killed in post electoral violence. it has happened before. Buhari and his supporters must not fall victim to the politics of winner takes all because it will alienate a braod segment of the country. Am happy that the forecasts of western political speculators who forecast a possible split up of Nigeria after 2015 elections are going to fail. AFRICOM had already simulated an American military response to this scenario 3 years ago.

GEJ has shown political maturity which is very new to see on the Africa continent especially from an incumbent. The old saying that incumbents do not lose elections is only now a worry for Central Africa where leaders continue to write wrong history. What a shame as none of them is quick to congratulates democracy in Nigeria. In a very serious note, everyone is looking at GEJ as a role model but in my opinion he just didnt have a choice. He lost focus and was holding to the polls leading a party that had lost all its political godfathers including the person that controls the South West. Nigeria military pensioners continue to govern the country and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Its a new dawn for Africa and as was said few years back, all those that cling on to power through whatever means are on the wrong side of history
Goodluck Jonathan has now joined the ranks of his peers who have peacefully exited power following electoral defeat. Shame to those leaders who are still rigging elections and revising constitutions of their countries to extend or eliminate presidential term limits. Top on Buhari’s executive agenda should be to address the burning security situation and a policy of national inclusion of marginalized social groups so as to ease the ethno-religious tensions.If he wins that, then all hands will be on deck to restore and take Nigeria forwards. On a diplomatic tip, he badly needs to mend the sour cooperation and leadership links that the previous regime left to fallow with Nigeria’s neighbours.

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