23 Apr

By Nwanatifu Nwaco

The bones shall keep on piling up in that watery tomb and someday, the land border between Africa and Europe may not just be the Spanish enclaves in north Africa but will be a bridge of bones or an island of migrants skeletons with no well-defined ownership or sovereignty. Even then some organisation is going to declare it a world heritage open to the crocodile tears of some tourist or someone is going to hoist a flag on it and demand visa fees and taxes. Let’s hope the flag belongs to the people of the fallen.

The fact that Africans stood by South African blacks during the dark days is a point to confirm Africa solidarity which the South African blacks has forgotten in a hurry. Crimes are punishable by Law and if any foreigners living in South Africa dont respect the laws of the land, they will be punished. The menial jobs Africans take in south Africa can in no way compare to what South Africa businesses are taking from other Africa countries. MTN, Multichoice, Stanbic Bank etc, are market leaders in the countries they are present. If we can accept their businesses why cant they accept other businesses. It is a shame that Africa through its powerless union(A.U) is silent on this recurrent issue.

As the Italian coast guard hauls to land record numbers of risk all or lose all immigrants, the media is keeping us updated with the tally on the number of those drowning to their watery tomb. As the Italians become increasingly overwhelmed by the human waves, Brussels’ FrontEx and its Triton program are surfing the tides with reports and conferences how not to stop the push and pull causes of inequality but how to militarily contain people physically on Maghréb shores before they take to sea. In 2011 when the guide of the Libyan revolution was brutally assassinated by French backed and armed hoards, many thought me naïve when I predicted a long drawn insurgency from tribal militias and a regional spillover of confessional and political violence. A few months after the Sahel region became engulfed in counter insurgency wars against a plethora of Jihadist groups.

The region suddenly became awash with weapons from Gaddafis looted arsenal, battle hardened and murder thirsty thugs broke the dawn of impunity . I said the sudden French interest in war abroad was not news to which Africans needed to dance to. As violence spilled over to Mali from Libya, the french tried to do damage control but the evil deed had been signed and sealed. All you who danced to the imperialist tune of humanitarian intervention and the right to protect played by France and its NATO allies have now buried your short memories in the sand. French military presence and all its business appendices has since 2011 increased in the region. You don’t bomb a country to ash and cinder for nothing.

The economic stakes are very high here. Who guarantees post conflict security and reconstruction? French firms of course will be given contracts to execute these tasks by funds credited by them still, from the transitional governments and clientelist successor regimes of these countries they tore down. This is simple economics and market theory of creating scarcity, spurring demand and then supplying at a hiked price. While many narrow minded Africans are hailing there interventions as a catalyst for democracy, pessimistic me still maintains that there is an economic stake being played out between the French, Anglo-Americans and the Chinese to gain effective presence and stranglehold on the Africa Rising, resource endowed, and self branded emerging economies. Unless the EU countries come down their moral high horse and see opportunity in trade and political fairness, their politics of subterfuge and meddling will only create pariah states and proxies in these countries exporting the migrants they abhor and dread so much.

“Wars begin when you will, but they do not end when you please.”
―Niccolo Machiavelli

This should serve as a lesson to all who applauded the bombing of Libya in 2011 by France and its NATO buddies on trumped-up humanitarian and right to protect grounds. Am not sure the assassinated Gaddafi could have killed the hundreds of thousands that have died in direct fighting, the spillover violence and looted arsenal taken to the Sahel republics to wage jihads or the exportation of battle hardened and murder thirsty militants who went from the Maghréb to swell the ranks of the Islamic State group?
Why did France keep silent over Assad’s war of attrition on civilians but was swift to act on the Libyans threat of the use of force? With the Italians being overwhelmed now by the numbers of live and dead migrants washing up to their shores, Brussels and its Triton border scheme are milling out reports on how not to stop inequality and subterfuge in EU-Africa political economy relations , the talk is about physically contain people to the shores where they are fleeing the ashes and cinders of hegemonic wars , oppression from pariah states and clientelist regimes!

In 2013, the European Union pledged one billion euros worth of funding for groundbreaking nanotechnology research on the substance Graphene by Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. When faced with the biggest immigration wave since world war 2 in 2015, EU leaders called African leaders to a conference in Malta, November  2015 and pledged to give them a 1 billion euro package if they accepted to take back their deported emigrants. What an insult, African leaders for once summoned the audacity to say NO. What next?

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