22 May

By Nwanatifu Nwaco

What do you call black African on black African violence and segregation?
Racism? Prejudice? Xenophobia? Personally, I have very close family and friends living in South Africa as students and businessmen. Not a single day goes by without me saying a prayer for security and wellbeing for them and other African nationals being targeted by violent and looting mobs of xénophobes.
Take out Arab north Africa from the continental tally and leaves you with South Africa, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon as the flag bearers of violence and discrimination on immigrants. Tribalism and nepotism are triplets with corruption.
The Politics of petroleum and, precious metals have permeated a rent seeking mentality. Somehow welfare thirsty dependent citizens of these countries. Darn political correctness, South African need to wean themselves of the victim mentality, the country needs to stop cashing in on the Mandela heritage for entitlements without work.
Economic growth comes from human resources first, capital and trade. It seems the liberation movement in South Africa made a lot of Socialist promises but once black majority rule was attained, they went instead for Capitalism on steroids. South Africans who had long been held as isolated hostages in their own country by the apartheid regime suddenly jumped on the globalisation wagon without explaining to the now activated socialists what the international political economic reality of the world they had just embraced actually was. Over constitutional liberalism has forever failed to guarantee rights and inclusion for new minorities and swathes of impoverished majorities as power struggle, élite corruption and domestic crime.
Somehow, South Africans believed that their government owes them social and economic reparations for having suffered under white minority rule. Those attacking foreigners know very well that they are singing to the wrong audience but a culture of violence has proven that the best way to get noticed by the Zuma club is to go berserk. Immigrants leave their countries with skills and capital to invest where there is market opportunity. South Africans are yet to understand what petty trading and private enterprise are. All they want is public service jobs and government welfare. Dream on guys!
Now that Pretoria has their attention, it wouldn’t be long for a series of first aid social reforms to be administered in new community housing and vocational schemes. For a moment the lid will return over the boiling pot waiting for the next spillover point.

South Africa needs a new name, it has been weighed on the scales of justice and found wanting…

As out cry continues against the attacks on foreign residents in South Africa, I think that country no longer deserves the suffix “Africa” in its name. Let’s give it a new name, I strongly move my nomination for

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