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The Endless Cycle of Defining Wrong and Right

3 Jan

“Of all things the measure is Man, of the things that are, that they are, and of the things that are not, that they are not” – Protagoras of Abdera
In other words you are who you say you as only you know whom you truly are. You can only define yourself objectively in a subjective way.So if you’re aspiring to become a proficient thief, a cheat or a pious saint, you’re right in your choice, though am not sure about the outcome or welcome you’ll get when you meet a determined and convinced law enforcer, a neutralist or a dedicated demon.
However since we are members of society and are condemned as such to communicate and interact there rises thus the need for ethics, conduct and decorum. It is these rules and regulations which make our monopoly of opinion to define right contradictory. Right is something relatively defined based on communal consensus about issues of morality. You are always right in the way you feel and express your feeling about an issue but your choice of vocabulary, action and vocal tone as comprehended by your audience could lead them in their own right to rightfully conclude you as wrong. The point is not to become a skeptic of what right or wrong is or relativise everything to something.
By their very nature words carry and convey in them conceptions of opposition, contradiction and change. Norm definition therefore means putting virtue and vice within universal independence as units of measurement to which perceptions of good and bad must subscribe to or derive from. Therein lies the foundations of being liberal and political correctness.