Cameroon: The Life Presidency Project

6 Mar

 By Nwanatifu Nwaco


On this day, after several prior constitutional gymnastics and manipulations, executive power and authority were handed over following a surprise resignation from Cameroon’s formal dictator to his handpicked successor. However the rotten orange never fell far from the tree.
While many of us Cameroonians are quietly leading our lives with bashed career opportunities to clientelism and patronage, age limits for recruitment is fast closing upon us and with it the dwindling prospects for making it into the much hailed public service sector for its stability of tenure in Cameroon, since the private sector is an exploitative landmines field where employers are reaping it almost for free all the cream and skill of we dependent Cameroonians… Anyway that’s not my main issue here.
How can the president of the republic along with his minions, lackeys and spineless brood of hand-clapping praise singers be shamelessly celebrating three and a half decades anniversary in power (1982-2015) , chanting a record of no achievements and making obnoxious forecasts for the year 2035. Meanwhile many citizens are permanently reminded that they have passed or are nearing the ineligible age for civil service recruitment and integration exams!?

PRESIDENT FOR LIFE!!??? From Democracy to Gerontocracy

This is to all those Cameroonians who broke out of the confinements of mental asylum. What level of insanity have you upgraded to now? They’ve sank a new time low to relentlessly send motions of support and sycophantically call out to the 83+ years president who has been in power since 1982 with petty slogans like ”natural candidate, the people’s choice,hear the people’s call”, to modify the already very frail constitution further or to call up early elections and program a presidency for life. An oligarchic succession scheme when he passes on is being scheduled to be written into a potential constitutional revision.These same chants have been used on the eve of the past three presidential elections.
What is wrong with Cameroonians!? How do youths go marching in a show of support and solidarity with an older generation for a president who has been there since they were born? Incase their math is poor, most people born in 1982 in Cameroon are declared ineligible for most categories of entry exam recruitment into the civil service this year. That means you’re old an unfit for public service, whereas no such limit exists for those limiting you. An unjust peace may be better than a just war but don’t let the current successes scored against rebellious elements be your sole unit of measurement, nor the bogus claims of having several elections and a football tournament crowding up in 2018. Smell the shit or your own vomit then, what colonial hangover is this in 2016 when elections are not due until 2018!

It has now become clear that one generation in Cameroon has lost its chance to contribute to nation building as the old guard has denied to go to rest. While America goes to the polls to elect a sixth president since 1982, we are still on a second president since 1960. as if its not enough some people want him to continue this streak. Talk about targets during a crisis, these people underestimate the wakeup ability of Cameroonians.

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