22 Mar

To all my African people who think the lives lost in Paris or Brussels in the terrorist attacks from late last year until now matter far more than the scores lost daily in Nigeria, Chad, Mali, Niger, Kenya, Cameroon and other fragile places to Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Aqim… stop your mass media fueled circus and change that French flag overlay on your profile picture using this app.
This reminds me of some previous sad self denial incidents. hours to the Charlie Hebdo attack there was an attack on the town of Baga near lake Chad where over 2000 were slain by Boko militants. Africans became ”JeSuis Charlie” instead and our presidents flew to France (With Media/Speech/Expression Freedom Comes Responsibility). Then came the attack on school kids in Kenya and we looked aside. Even as we speak the tally of suicide bombers in North Cameroon is counting ahead yet my people are flying french and Belgian flags on social media.
My heart goes out to all the victims of global terror at the hands of state sponsored elements, sadist militants of false religious ideologies and right wing crack heads. The more reason why I think the convention against torture and human rights should be denied to those caught visiting out these inhumane acts.
If by some misfortune the terrorists involved are part of this recent European immigration wave, suspicion and difficulty towards every other immigrant, economic or refugee is going to get toughest.

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