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22 Apr

By Nwanatifu Nwaco

“Kill them all, God will recognise his own.”
– Arnaud Amaury, Abbot of Citeaux

The question is how do the righteous get to rule even?prayer without human physical effort is often vain. From the book of Job, we see the devil and the lord locked in a game of chess in which the faith of man is pitted against crushing evil visitations just to prove who’s the boss over our feeble short earthly lives. Bible theology says God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. Everyday I wake up or go to sleep continuously fed with graphic and horrifying news from around the world but more recently with the spate of confessional violence that is tearing through my country Cameroon and the neighbouring republics.
I’ve watched goring videos of purported jihadists slitting the throats of people they captured and branded as infidels and dumping them into mass graves, i’ve read how people have left hospitals and died in some distant churches seeking miraculous healing from prophets. The ritual killing of teenagers with certain body parts removed by occultists and many other jaw dropping tragedies.
Am not losing faith in God but I sure have a very massive problem with this mindset that people have nurtured well into maturity about this take everything to God and do nothing theory. People no longer think taking a militant or dynamic stand against a vice is the right thing to do! I understand very well that people are wary and desensitized by the constant exposure to suffering and gruesome images on death and misery but my single biggest distaste is with all those people who arrogantly declare politics as a dirty game and in all disillusionment celebrate political apathy.
Like the Roman emperor Nero who insanely danced and put the blame on Christians while Rome burnt to cinders, many of my people have become like that. In the face of existential threats that need political will, participation and action, they coward away and push forward this excuse of ‘God will help us, God will protect us, God’s time is the best…let us pray…’ I hate to rain on your paradise party, God is actually very annoyed with your inaction in the phase of evil. Rise up and take a stand against wrongdoing when and where you can and pray that whatever best effort it is you’re pushing and putting out there for the cause of positive change,hope, pray and let it deliver its intended goal.
So does God allow evil to happen? I think for now he doesn’t allow it since there’s a promise of judgment, it is we humans obsessed with ideology, fear and blind belief that cause and permit it. What other better way could I point out our own complicity and guilt as part of the problem to our predicament other than by quoting Dante Alighieri:
“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality.”



22 Apr

By Nwanatifu Nwaco

Usually I don’t wish people dead but I am going to make an exception for Cameroons state elites. This kleptocratic brood tour the world attending white elephant conferences and bogus work missions which are in effect vacations to tax havens to hoard their loot of the public treasury. I wonder what do they think and feel when they go to developed and emerging economies, and get first class treatment in places with state of the art infrastructure!? Once they return to Cameroon they cruise in 4WD jeeps and don’t feel the bumpiness of our roads, they jump queues at public offices, receive military escort and state protocol to every place they want to go, well ventilated and air conditioned homes and offices.
Despite all these privileges they still cant summon the decency to invest in public health infrastructure, when they get a headache they request and get permission for medical evacuation to India, South Africa, Europe and America.Our hospitals are in short supply of lifesaving equipment and given the fact that the health care sector is very bureaucratic, witch-doctors, cure-all-diseases miracle workers of God, charlatans and quacks are getting a bite on our desperate population which is increasingly taking out its anger via mobs on health personnel whereas the real culprits are state elites in charge of health policy. Health care training institutions remain general and very elitist too, with a dysfunctional social security and corporate insurance scheme that could rescue in terms of costs.

Human resource flight abroad faced with little career incentives has paralysed the system further. What if these better health care countries celebrated inefficiency as we do now, they would not have the advanced health care systems today. Public health in the 21st century is a human right not a favour to reward political constituencies.

Please could any Cameroonian explain to me why is it that all the dismissed or arrested former government officials and ministers always claim to be very sick and need to be urgently evacuated abroad for intensive medical care once the tribunal begins prosecuting them for embezzlement of public funds? At least their passports have been confiscated, but will justice be served? The more reason why they should be chained to their sick beds! they want to go ”abroad” for medical treatment after siphoning funds meant to build,equip and staff our own hospitals.

I just hate it when I hear that a minister or regime baron needs to go for treatment abroad…they shop in Dubai, eat in Paris, attend church in Rome, vacation in the Caribbean, bank in Geneva and when they die they want to be buried in the land of their dear ancestors. my question for them is whether Cameroon is a graveyard!?I wish death on transit or shortly on arrival to any top level government guru whom because of their position can afford to seek treatment abroad whereas the ordinary Cameroonian is left at the mercy of trial and error, and most obviously poverty and lack of access to either these developed health care facilities or sheer visa restrictions.

Remembering April 6 and the Cameroon Coup

6 Apr


Mutiny by elements of the republican guard on April 6, 1984 ended in an abortive coup d’etat against the incumbent regime of Paul Biya.
Since then Biya has consolidated his grip on power in Cameroon using ethnic factionalisation, clientelism and patronage by state elites, cult of hero worship from ruling party militants, making himself the apex of a heavily centralised and bureaucratic civil and military administration, social indifference and ignoring local media, sham elections and frequently modifying the constitution to weaken other state institutions or to grant himself more presidential prerogatives, politically desensitizing the military forces with modest financial incentives, politics of favouritism, bogus taxation policies and economic marginalisation have limited entrepreneurship thereby making Cameroonians to perceive the governance of state institutions in purely spoils and extractive ends, leading to super dependency on the public service sector for gainful and stable employment…. this list is inexhaustive