Remembering April 6 and the Cameroon Coup

6 Apr


Mutiny by elements of the republican guard on April 6, 1984 ended in an abortive coup d’etat against the incumbent regime of Paul Biya.
Since then Biya has consolidated his grip on power in Cameroon using ethnic factionalisation, clientelism and patronage by state elites, cult of hero worship from ruling party militants, making himself the apex of a heavily centralised and bureaucratic civil and military administration, social indifference and ignoring local media, sham elections and frequently modifying the constitution to weaken other state institutions or to grant himself more presidential prerogatives, politically desensitizing the military forces with modest financial incentives, politics of favouritism, bogus taxation policies and economic marginalisation have limited entrepreneurship thereby making Cameroonians to perceive the governance of state institutions in purely spoils and extractive ends, leading to super dependency on the public service sector for gainful and stable employment…. this list is inexhaustive

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