22 Oct

By Nwanatifu Nwaco

In the past 48 hours, Cameroon and Cameroonians experienced and witnessed a series of tragedies of natural and man made causes. A train has derailed, a road connecting the political and economic capitals has been washed by a flash flood, reports of other ghastly road accidents in the country have littered its lack of self-censor social media space with an orgy festival of graphic images and videos of chopped, decapitated and crushed human bodies!

With that said, the biggest lessons Cameroonians need to learn from this include:
-Priority sectors and sustainable development projects.
-Maintenance or replacement of completed/dilapidated public infrastructure must be done at regular intervals. Why must we wait for trains to derail and landslides to wash off outdated transport infrastructure before we realize that its time to innovate and renovate. We need double lane motor-ways as well as two track/parallel rail lines.
-Civics, First aid and emergency/crisis response services must be taught to every citizen in schools and councils. Cameroon lacks a clear cut natural/disaster evacuation plan. Many people die in the increasing floods and frequent transport accidents because of ignorance on life saving knowledge and techniques. Most people die of their injuries because they were pulled out of wreckage by inexperienced first respondents, rushed to distant hospitals in bush taxis over terrible or had to wait till their death for ambulance and rescue services.
-Motions of support actually promote mediocrity because it deceives people to believe that political anus licking is what must be done before they can get anything from central government elites. What is supposed to be a right is now being traded as a favour! Motions of support could be sent AFTER well done jobs rather, as a form of motivation to sustain good governance initiatives.


Prayer is what we have been doing for decades but prayer without action is out-rightly vain!

“…Now I know that action reduces the lion of terror to an ant of equanimity…” – Og Mandino

May the souls of the dead find in death the joys that this life deprived them. And to all those public contractors who execute below approved standard public work projects and government kleptocrats who embezzle public funds intended for national development plans and validate poorly done work, may you die horribly in an accident with a thousand cuts on your pathetic body!

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