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8 Dec

By Nwanatifu Nwaco

…The images coming out of Bamenda in the last 48 hours are horrific and graphic! Out of respect for the dead and their loved ones i wouldn’t publish any of such media here but i’ll feel free to share with whoever wishes to see for them self via inbox. The sound of tear-gas, water canons, riot police, gun shots and smoke screens amidst chants and protest songs as citizens hurl stones at inhumane armed forces and parade the city carrying the corpses of victims shot in cold blood by the police.While the streets of Bamenda turn red with blood on the dust and heat of the dry season, the indifference to the plight of citizens is being belittled by government agents and their sympathizers or deluded conformists as being without cause, manipulated and undeserving of the redress they seek from the state.

While Bamenda mourns its dead, the president and his gang of kleptocrats are throwing a party at the presidency to celebrate the females football team. What kind of president and people are Cameroonians? A president who in times of a constitutional and republican crisis and national tragedies which kill Cameroonians remains silent and chooses to act through proxies rather than address the nation as a leader with empathy! What kind of government is this that spends more time scheming how to suppress freedoms and liberties when it should rather invest in fostering national dialogue and social cohesion as the veritable safeguards for peace, nation building, national security and territorial integrity?

I find it self-hating, when our government is very willing to pay ransoms to criminals who kidnap foreign tourists to secure their release and boost its image as a state with an efficient security service and partner in the fight against trans-national organised crime yet turns around and behaves with its own citizens as a crime cartel treats its members with the wickedness when they collaborate with investigators.

These clowns will never learn will they? If the gamble in Bamenda was truly a ”March for Peace and Unity”, the ruling party could have done well to depoliticize it by inviting all to come in none-partisan clothing, chose its timing after brokering a peace deal. Unity and peace are things which are constantly negotiated. People are expressing anti-government sentiments and in the heat of all the irrational emotions built up in people, they chose to shove the image of the perceived oppressor right in the face of the people, hence the spontaneous outburst of public discontent. Even the opposition chieftain was smart enough to address the angry mobs not as a party leader but rather as a concerned citizen. that’s called tact versus foolhardiness.

It has now become established that the tree of democratization in Cameroon is being sown in the politically dynamic soil of Bamenda and watered by the blood of its people. What kind of leadership and citizens do we have who are willing to use tax payers money to rent crowds to attend ruling party events but fails to equip its own hospitals!? We are a country whose moral and civil conscience is terminally ill with a cancer of power, hate, greed and selfishness.

I am also shocked by the rebuke of our elites at home and in the diaspora who have rubbished the cause as a misguided issue unworthy of attention. For goodness sake, how can you remain indifferent witnessing such disproportionate use of force and brutality on a people, no matter how wrong you think they are! At least be humane enough to decry the killings by government forces. This is how ethnic cleansing and genocides start – when supposed intellectuals and democratic majorities opt to stay neutral or weigh in with oppressors against the oppressed. Tit-for-tat!