19 Jan

By Nwanatifu Nwaco

“…He who uses force unsparingly, without reference to the bloodshed involved, must obtain a superiority if his adversary uses less vigor in its application…”
– Carl Von Clausewitz

The ‘Nnom-nngui‘ of the Fang tribe and his ‘Esinngang‘ panel beaters have pulled the plug on their own life support, they have by their disproportionate use of force, their cruel and degrading treatment of dissenters in their quest to restore an unjust peace, lost whatever ounce of legitimacy they had left.
It’s a shame the government has resorted to pre-historic tactics of acting ultra vires, flushing legality and the rule of law down the sewer as it has gone on rampage issuing decrees to arrest activists at mid-night outside the prescriptions of the criminal procedure code and detaining them on trumped up charges. What happened to the much sung writ of habeas corpus ad subjiciendum!? When did violence triumph over dialogue?

The current stand-off between the Yaounde regime’s armed thugs and their sponsors: the tribal cartel passing around for the government of the republic versus the very emotional and defenseless people of the Southern Cameroons has extirpated from my political mind, every rational sense. The issues in question today are not only a matter of inherited colonial burdens passing for legacies but are fundamentally republican and identity issues that merit flexible and not rigid reflections to resolve. The Cameroun government in all its divisive rhetoric and demagogy of an over confident tyrannical majority is laying the foundations for an imminent genocide of minorities and more remotely a civil war by pitting national identity segments of the state against one another without playing the neutral arbitrator and guarantor of peace and social cohesion.

The history of liberation and socio-political movements has proven that regimes which imprison leaders of such movements give them charismatic legitimacy as prisoners of conscience to lead the future of a nation, it is exactly these prisons that animates the fellowship of people and popular revolutions which always end up overthrowing the incumbent regime to liberate and give political prisoners a chance to cast their visions for the desired new political and social order.
Therefore, I will ask the Cameroun regime once again, Who is inciting who to rebellion? Who is compromising national security and the territorial integrity of the state? who are the serial rapists of the constitution? Is Cameroon a party to any human rights, freedoms and public liberties treaties? Is the government sovereign over the people or are the people the sovereign reservoir of state authority exercised through government?

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”
-Thomas Jefferson

# FreeAgborNkongho
# FreeFontemNeba
# FreeManchoBibixy
# FreeAyahPaul
# FreeAllSouthernCameroonPoliticalPrisoners

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