5 Apr

The government of Cameroun, not my Kamerun, is a pathological liar and fraudster. The tactics used by this tribal cabal and its political mob to resolve the constitutional and republican crisis in Southern Cameroon are akin to techniques used by stone age men and late feudal lords to find solutions to daily issues: brute force and morale blackmail.

To hear that a national ecumenical service has been organised and broadcast on national TV to “thank God” for his health is the most occultic thing that has happened lately. A national prayer has not been organised to pray for peace and change of moral conscience for the country’s leaders and all killed by state sponsored violence or transnational organised criminal groups even. In the mid 1990’s, Rigobert Song was famously welcomed to the North West province in the company of his team mate Geremi Njitap, when they traveled the bumpy-muddy road from Bamenda to Nkambe town to promote a football tournament organised annually by an elite of the locality called George Weya.

Personally, I find it morally appalling for a man of status such as the former captain of the national football team to accept being used by the government as a mascot to foster their bravado and conquistador agenda in West Cameroon. It has been announced that he will be touring the English speaking regions to ”thank them for their prayers for his health” after he was medically evacuated to France on a presidential privilege last year, while many of ordinary Cameroonians like him just had to die of treatable diseases because their lives were not as valuable as his or more realistically due to the absence or dilapidated state of health care facilities and services.

The government seems to want to relocate all public events such as the Fenasco school games in the volatile regions in desperate attempts to cheer the world that it is still exercising legitimate authority over the territory but not the people anyway, but let that farce not deceive you. After failing and persistently shying away to dialogue with English speaking Cameroon leaders, the Yaounde political cabal is using every publicity stunt and coercion to bend the political resolve of the people in these regions. It has even begun to plagiarize the ideas posited by the anglophone leaders it jailed without appropriate reference.

The government cabal is ready to spend millions in a few weeks to organise national tours for the militarized football national team, but is unwilling though able to spend such amounts instead on public health and infrastructure development or even pay hotel bills for its players when they’re playing abroad. The government of Cameroun is a reckless human rights abuser, a nepotist cartel, a regime where political corruption and elite impunity is the moral standard to be upheld by its leadership corps. Only in a dysfunctional and people disoriented government will you find xenophobes fascists still keeping their jobs after ordering the arbitrary arrests, detentions and killing of civilians and failing to resolve a national crisis for many months.

There is a new ”juju” in town: Rigobert Song is the new ‘Nkoh’, the new ‘Mabuu’ that will be thrilling us in the days ahead as we commemorate 78 days today since government violated our rights online and offline by shutting down internet connection and arresting citizens in English speaking regions.


By Nwanatifu Nwaco

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