Southern Cameroons Refugees and the Urgency of Reforming the UN and AU

31 Oct

Nwanatifu Nwaco

Our people have been arrested, tortured, maimed and killed… I mean they’ve been robbed of all civil liberties and freedoms, even as we speak Cameroun government forces and state agents are having a human rights abuse buffet! We’ve led protest marches to every major diplomatic mission around, International governmental and nongovernmental organisations have not been left out. We’ve led a denunciation activism on social media, we’ve led civil disobedience campaigns in the Southern Cameroons BUT NO! The international community has stayed silent and indifferent issuing half baked statements that do nothing to deter or restraint the Cameroun government from its repression of our people and nation.

Today that same United Nations High Commission for Refugees which had been blind to call out the Cameroun regime has published a report which now tags our internally displaced and those fleeing government violence to neighbouring Nigeria as refugees. Before long parachuting journalism and dubious humanitarian actors will be making careers and fortunes in conflict aid relief schemes, experts will be paid millions to do “research” or lead UN approved missions to the Cameroons.

The hypocrisy, this wait and see attitude of self styled humanitarian and relief agencies is double standards. The international community help we so much hope for in this people led revolution shall only come when we hit breaking news levels: remember the images of misery and deprivation we see on mainstream media? starving kids, make shift camps, nursing mothers, blue helmets, queues to collect food handouts from aid workers and post conflict peace building conferences in western capitals.

Even more disheartening is the passiveness of the African Union. It is high time these institutions became proactive rather than reactive. They should be able and capable to call out and tackle abusers of human rights, merchants of death and oppression wherever and whenever the latter goes on a campaign against their own citizens or any human for that matter. The need for a UN and AU reform to grant them real policing and sanctioning competence is urgent.

My fellow people, we’re on our own now! The moment is pregnant with uncertainty yet labouring with destiny. Shall we embrace “real politik” and ‘dialogue’ with Cameroun or shall the walls of the parted Red Sea come crashing and crushing us along with pharaohs armada hotly pursuing us on the way out of “bondage” into the “promised land” ?

“All animals are born equal but some are more equal”
– Animal Farm


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