MEDIOCRITY AT ITS BEST: The Bilingualism and Multicuturalism Commission

16 Mar

To show how out of touch the Cameroun regime is with the sociological realities of the country, the regime shamelessly dodged the core question on Anglophone minority marginalisation which needed a robust republican and constitutional reform, it rather buried its head in the shallow sands and decreed into being an infamous commission which like many others before, along or after it lacks a clear cut mandate, competence, credibility, autonomous policy formulation and enforcement mechanism for whatever recommendations or directives shall tasked to it. A retirement comeback for former state ministers.

The Yaounde regime with its characteristic top-down governance approach has yet again torn off the page in their tattered dictionary for the entry on the meaning of the word “INTEGRITY”. I am seriously disgusted and appalled by the content of the character of some of the people appointed to man this supposed panacea of a commission to bring about dialogue, public order and social cohesion to the divided nations of the Cameroons. What on earth motivates a leader to appoint as team lead the self-proclaimed xenophobe and hoarder of several public office positions such as PM Mafany and other regime sycophants and lackeys!?

Even if one was willing to let this commission see the light of day, many of its members have a huge “Integrity” deficit. Most of them claim to be elites from the oppressed minority English speaking regions but the reality on the ground is that they have lost every moral high ground or legitimacy to represent the will and aspirations of the people of West Cameroon as demonstrated in their rogue handling of the ongoing unrest in the afflicted regions.

Does the President not know that the real persons of integrity have been arrested and jailed incommunicado without fair trial or have simply taken off into political exile abroad? Does he not know that there are dynamic youth leaders in Cameroon who can better articulate and aggregate the vision of youths for the country they want to inherit, live in and leave on for posterity?

The sovereign “People” in whose name regime patrons are being rewarded with appointment favours, have bled, died, abused, tortured, maimed, raped, deprived of human rights, public liberties and civil freedoms, they have been subjected to the disproportionate use of state approved violence, cruel and degrading treatment endured and exactly TWO months of internet shutdown et al, they have sacrificed and endured livelihoods in ghost town operations and an undeclared state of emergency just so that these old vanguards can sweep in and jubilate the moment on the ”Peoples” excruciating misery? Are students and teachers being coerced now to resume education work for long hours and put in extra hours and days of unpaid work just to feed the ego of an unbending gerontocracy?

The struggle for political pluralism and people oriented governance in Cameroun is now in the hands of the people, if they choose to yield to this disoriented vision-less misgovernment, then they will be accomplices to more years of obedience and tolerance of oppression, hence effectively encoding in their genes and character a political culture of political apathy and celebration of impunity.


By Nwanatifu Nwaco

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