STOCKHOLM SYNDROME:The Strange Case of the Silent Majority in Kamerun

19 Mar

STOCKHOLM SYNDROME (or Survival Identification Syndrome): ” The psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor.”

It is now clear that West Cameroon political elites and perhaps the greater majority of West Cameroonians resident in French Cameroun have the above psychiatric condition. The ignorance and apathy spewed out by this group is not only shocking but is also very alarming. While those in the regions under internet blackout and state of siege:”Internet Refugees” are risking arbitrary arrest and incommunicado detention just get to regions with internet to log on and tell the story of how government is grossly abusing their human rights to the world, our brethren in these privileged regions have surrendered to silence and indifference. Some have even taken to social media to denounce the struggle. It seems as though the far-off diaspora is even more supportive in advocating the cause of the home front than those folks of ours in East Cameroun.
Your silence and indifference is part of the problem! Kill fear, Speak up, post and tweet about it please. In case you lost vision or forgot why we’re in this struggle, In 4 days time, civil society leaders and other victims of mass arrests will be put on trial for treason against the state with looming life imprisonment and death sentences in a highly partial and unfair judiciary system for simply calling for better democratization and fair national representation, stronger rights and civil liberties for our identity as a people. Everybody is a potential victim by nature of being from West Cameroon, so do not feel isolated and insulated hiding in plain sight in East Cameroon.
Speak up!! Unless you have an answer to what makes those in Maroua, Yaounde, Douala or Bafoussam ‘better’ Cameroonians than those in Bamenda, Kumba, Buea or Mamfe??


Now that the SDF and its leadership have chosen to play ‘Pontius Pilate’ and Ostridge heads in the sand in the struggle of West Cameroonians. Given that all new-breed anglophone leaders are either in jail, in exile or co-opted by the regime in government; for my kinsfolk who still believe in ‘One Kamerun’, who are advocating for a return to the federal state system or for the effective implementation of the ‘decentralised unitary state’ system based on regionalism, to the pacifists and less revolutionary activists.

MAURICE KAMTO of the MRC party. This varsity professor needs no introduction. He has dared to stand in defense of the incarcerated leaders and has made several public statements in support of federalism and dialogue as a solution to the Anglophone crisis, he said things that if they were said by a West Cameroonian citizen will lead directly to an arrest and abuse on their body’s integrity. If I am to vote any Camerounian in a spontaneous general election, with the notable exception of Hon.Wirba Joseph and iron lady Kah Walla, no West Cameroonian career politician has stood on firm grounds like Pr. Kamto has done. After reading his open letter to Cameroun people today I will certainly vote for him.
Honourable mentions on my watch list include Penda Ekoka of the presidency in his opinion editorial on resolving the anglophone crisis and the much acclaimed earlier intense editorial on the genealogy of the Anglophone problem by David Abuem Achoyi now appointed to the ambiguous biligualism and multiculturalism commission.

These doors open both ways in compromise and concessions. If you have read Greek myths then you will know what am talking about here: the blind poet Homer and his accounts of the Iliad and the Odyssey, the cunning King Odysseus’ famous stratagem of the Wooden-Trojan Horse.


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